OpenMindsOpenDoors is a Pennsylvania initiative aimed at ending discrimination against people with mental illnesses. Approximately one in five people in this country live with a mental illness. More»
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November 2007

  • Depression Help Boosts Productivity
    (Human Resource Executive)

    "A study suggests that offering assistance to depressed employees results in a positive return on investment. But, first, companies must work to overcome the stigma of mental illness, experts say." (OMOD quoted.)
    Read article here.

October 2007

  • Latinos Shun Help for Mental Health Problems
    (New America Media)

    "… many of us do not seek appropriate treatment due to the stigma attached to these psychiatric illnesses"
    Read article here.

September 2007

  • The sanity of hiring the mentally ill
    (San Francisco Chronicle)

    "Employers will say, 'I'm not sure about hiring employees with mental health disabilities,'" he says. "What I try to tell them is that they have hired people with mental health disabilities. If you put out a Craigslist ad, you don't know anything about the person you're hiring. If you work with us, we know pretty much everything about the people we refer."
    Read article here.

August 2007

  • Young people help their peers fight the stigma
    of mental illness
    (Ottawa Citizen)

    "The stigma associated with mental illness can be difficult for anyone to bear. For youth, it can be crippling."
    Read article here.

July 2007

  • Specifics key to tackling mental health stigma: study

    A forum on mental illness in Sydney has heard that tackling the stigma starts with talking about specific mental conditions.
    Read article here.

Feb. 2007

December 2006

November 2006

  • Speak Up, and Sign On, for Parity   Mental Health America, formerly the National Mental Health Association, is asking people to sign on to its Vision for Change. That vision includes elimination discrimination in accessing mental health care. Click here to view and sign.

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